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Military Divorce

Military divorce

What do military members face when confronted with a life event such as divorce? Is it the same as a civilian divorce? Does the military handle divorces?

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How likely am I to stay married?

How likely am I to get divorced?

The National Center for Health and Statistics National Vital Statistics Report says the average rate of divorce across the country is approximately forty three percent (43%) for first marriages and higher for subsequent marriages.

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Can a parent abduct their own child
Child Custody

Can a parent abduct his/her own child?

If you are currently involved in a divorce or child custody dispute, no parent has the right to flee with his/her child. Despite being the child’s biological parent or legal guardian, if a person takes his or her child, it is considered kidnapping in Texas.

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Using a surrogate in texas
Artificial Reproduction Law

What are the laws regarding surrogacy in Texas?

In Texas, the woman who gives birth is always the mother, even if another woman donated the egg(s)/embryo(s). The only exception to this rule applies to cases involving gestational surrogacy where a valid gestational agreement is in place.

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