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We are devoted to helping families work through some of the most difficult times in their lives. Divorce and family law can be among the most emotionally draining and complex legal fields to work through, and it is essential to ensure the lawyer you entrust your case with is well-qualified. The Texas family lawyers at Boudreaux Hunter & Associates, LLC offer our extensive experience and supportive guidance that clients need to get through their divorce or other family matter as favorably as possible.

Should you choose to work with our law office, you will never be left in the dark about the status of your legal proceedings. You will be informed of any developments and included in all aspects of your case, because we want you to feel empowered and know that you are the ultimate decision maker. Whether you need help with child custody, spousal support, or need the assistance of a qualified mediator or a divorce attorney, our firm is equipped to assist you with all family law matters.

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Certified in Mediation

As certified mediators, we can work
through disputes in an amicable fashion,
which allows clients to avoid costly and
time-consuming courtroom litigation.

Beneficial Background

As a former fire investigator and member
of the military, Attorney Kevin Hunter and
his law office have obtained a passion for
helping people get through difficult
times in their lives.

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By working as a team, we combine our
experience, skills, and backgrounds to
help clients reach solutions that are
most suitable for their entire family.

Devoted To family

Committed to the practice of family law
alone, we know the ins and outs of the
family system, and what it takes to help
our clients move forward favorably.

Texas Family Law

Texas family law encompasses a comprehensive set of legal rules and regulations that govern various aspects of family relationships and domestic matters within the state. It addresses areas such as marriage, contested divorce or uncontested divorce, child custody and support, adoption, property division, and spousal maintenance. Texas places a strong emphasis on the best interests of the child in custody matters and encourages both parents’ involvement in their children’s lives. The state also recognizes the importance of community property principles when dividing marital assets during divorce. Texas family law aims to provide fair and equitable resolutions while protecting the rights and well-being of individuals and families involved in legal proceedings related to family matters.