Pet Custody

Animal Custody & Your Divorce

If you’ve ever asked an animal lover what they would do for their pets, the answer was probably “anything.” At Boudreaux, Hunter & Associates, LLC, we know your pets are part of the family. That’s why our Houston pet custody attorneys are committed to helping you protect your pets and their best interests during a divorce.

What Does Texas Law Say About Pet Custody?

Child custody statutes do not apply to your pets. In fact, pets are typically considered property when you end a marriage or cohabitation.

Shannon uses a variety of factors to help the court determine who will have animal custody, such as:

  • Who purchased or acquired the pet?
  • What date was the pet purchased or acquired?
  • Who takes care of the pet?
  • Which person meets the pet’s daily needs?
  • Was the pet neglected while under the care of either party?
  • What are the work schedules of each person?
  • What are the travel schedules of each person?
  • Does one party have custody of a child who is close to the pet?

Although judges do not award visitation schedules for pets, you may be able to enforce a written schedule (but only if both parties agree to it).

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If you’re ending a marriage or cohabitation and have pets, you may have to fight for legal custody of your pets. Unlike child custody, Texas law doesn’t delineate who gets custody of pets with clear guidelines. With the help of our Houston divorce lawyers, you can make sure your best interests and the best interest of your furry family members are protected. Call our office today!

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