Post-divorce Modifications

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Divorce is final, but your circumstances can change long afterward. Post-divorce modifications are designed to help people adjust certain parts of their divorce decree, such as child supportspousal maintenance, or child custody.

Post-divorce modifications in Texas

In order to get a divorce modification in Texas, you (or your former spouse) must demonstrate a material and substantial change in your personal circumstances. This might include:

  • A new job, especially if it requires you to move
  • A significant decrease in your income
  • Relocation (moving far away)
  • You or your child has become ill.

Regardless of the reason behind your request, you must establish a cause or “change in circumstances,” for the court to approve the modification.

Child Support & Child Custody Modifications in Texas

When it comes to divorce, child custody and child support are two of the most important—and most complicated—issues you’ll face. Although agreements regarding your children should be in your child’s best interest, “best interest” at the time of the divorce may not be the same several years later.

Few studies exist to tell us how different combinations of parental time-sharing impact children. Fortunately, psychiatrists and attorneys collaborate today to ensure a child’s best interests are protected during high-conflict child custody cases. Ugo Uche provides “Three rules for negotiating child custody” on Psychology Today to help guide you when considering a child custody modification.

In Texas, you can modify your child support order for two reasons:

  • You or your ex-spouse underwent a material and substantial change in circumstances; or
  • It has been at least three years since the original order

Regarding child support modifications, the term “material and substantial change” is similar to the justifications for any other post-divorce modification. Often, the change in circumstances is financial, such as an increased or decreased income, or a change in medical insurance. You may also be able to ask for a modification if you or your former spouse becomes responsible for additional children.

post-divorce modifications

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