My Child Is Turning 18. Am I Done Paying Child Support?

For years, you’ve paid child support to your ex to pay for your child’s care. But now that your child is turning 18, you’re now wondering: Am I done paying child support? By learning the answer to this question, you…

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Kids Are Going Back to School Full-Time: Does Your Custody or Visitation Agreement Need to Change?

Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, many kids have been forced to go to Zoom school. Now that health authorities have learned to deal with the disease, children are now going back to school full-time, and you’re wondering: Does your custody or…

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Who Gets the Pets in a Divorce?

When you get a divorce, you not only have to decide on child custody issues and how to divide your assets and debts, you also have to make tough decisions regarding your pets and figure out who is going to…

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