Do you have the ability to reverse the termination of parental rights in Texas?

In the United States, 1 in 10 children experience the termination of parental rights of one of their parents. When a child's best interests and welfare are at stake, difficult situations and decisions often arise, including the termination of parental…

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Does a Husband Have to Support His Wife While the Divorce is Pending?

You’re getting a divorce in Texas, and you’re concerned that you’re going to have to support your wife during separation. Although you know that oftentimes, one spouse will support the other after the divorce, you’d like to know whether it…

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Do You Want a Share of Your Partner’s Business in the Divorce?

Your partner runs a business, and it’s supported you and your children over the years. Now that you’re getting divorced, you’re wondering if you will be able to claim a share in your partner’s business. If you want a share…

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