Where do I file for child support in Texas?

To file for child support in Texas, you may hire a private attorney or contact the Texas Attorney General's Office.

Applying for child support can be a stressful experience, so it is a good idea to consult an attorney for assistance with this process. Your attorney can provide you with helpful advice, assist you with the filing of documents in the appropriate court, and help you figure out how much child support you may be qualified to receive.

Starting a Petition for Child Support in Texas

In Texas, both parents have an obligation to provide for their child’s care and well-being, regardless of whether they are married or not. As such, court-ordered child support becomes essential in ensuring that both parents – including the non-custodial parent – contribute to their child’s basic needs.

Texas parents have two options in making the decision to pursue child support. You may hire an attorney to handle the matter or utilize the services of the Attorney General’s (AG’s) Office. The AG’s office works with parents to make sure every child receives the support they need and deserve. Every family is unique, so every case for child support has its own characteristics. Nonetheless, all applicants must be prepared to provide the following information:

  • Information about yourself and your child(ren)’s other parent.
  • Social Security Card
  • Driver’s License or ID
  • Birth certificates of the children involved
  • All documents pertaining to the incomes and assets of both parents
Where applicable, applicants should also be prepared to provide a copy of the divorce decree or court order for child support, a signed acknowledgment of paternity, and evidence of child support payment history. 

Whether you are seeking a new order or a modification of an existing order in Texas, the Child Support Division in the Office of the Attorney General provides services to help parents obtain child support from multiple field offices throughout the state. Child support applicants, including mothers, fathers, and other individuals requesting services should visit the Attorney General website to obtain copies of necessary forms and for application information.

The easiest and fastest way to apply for child support is online. You may also request an application to be sent to you by mail by calling the Child Support Office at the number listed on the Attorney General’s website by clicking here.

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