Julia Cradock


Associate Attorney

Julia is driven to secure the best outcome for her clients. She sets very high standards for herself and that naturally spills over into how she views and prepares for each client’s case.

Julia graduated from the University of Texas with a Bachelor of Arts in Government. As an undergraduate, she was intrigued by the area of law. She clerked for two separate law firms while in Austin. This only furthered her desire to become an attorney and led her to enroll in law school at South Texas College of Law Houston. The reputation that South Texas College of Law Houston has for producing the leading courtroom advocates in the country was the primary reason she chose to attend South Texas. She graduated from school early in order to put her elite level training to use and better serve her clients and the community. As a licensed attorney and certified mediator, she has intellect and skills that make her indispensable to her clients.

Julia has been a part of the BOUDREAUX HUNTER & ASSOCIATES, LLC  family for years as a law clerk and as an Associate Attorney. She embodies the law firm’s guiding principal of “Helping good people through bad times.” Julia is passionate about representing clients in a powerful and professional way in and out of the courtroom. Willing to go the extra mile for every case and to listen to each client with compassion and empathy, she is an integral member of the BH Law team.