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Deciding to get a prenup after you get married

Most couples have heard of prenuptial agreements. Prenuptial agreements provide financial security and certainty before a marriage begins, setting clear terms while protecting the rights of each spouse. They also clearly establish the personal expectations each spouse brings to the union. Postmarital agreements are the same, except they are written after the individuals are already married.

At Boudreaux, Hunter & Associates, LLC, our Houston postmarital agreements lawyers help couples establish arrangements that meet their unique needs. If you and your spouse are considering getting a postmarital agreement, congratulations! Like many Texas couples, you are making the decision to protect your future, regardless of how happy and secure you feel now. Let our firm provide you with an innovative solution with benefits for today and tomorrow.

We're Already Married-Why Make a Postmarital Agreement?

Despite a reputation for being defeatist, postmarital agreements strengthen marriages. Preparing for divorce doesn’t lead to marriage problems any more than securing your home invites thieves. Contracts provide a mutually beneficial foundation to your marriage that withstands time, emotions, and financial uncertainty.
Here's what postmarital agreements accomplish:
  • They can provide clear terms for the marriage
  • They can create security for both spouses for the future
  • It can resolve potential disputes from a non-emotional standpoint
  • They can also protect children from previous marriages

Another reason to create a Postmarital Agreement is when you want to revise your premarital one. Times and circumstances change, and you and your spouse may find the agreement you made years ago doesn’t reflect your current needs. If you want to change your premarital agreement, feel free to contact a innovative and passionate Houston postmarital agreement lawyer at Boudreaux, Hunter & Associates, LLC.

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